Think Twice About Getting an Oral Piercing

Over the years, oral piercings have become a fashion statement for many people. It may be hip, it may be hot and it may be cool, but is it safe? Before you make an appointment to get your new tongue stud and pick out a stud or barbell in your favorite color, you should sit down with our dentist, Dr.... read more »

Restore Your Smile With Composite Dental Fillings

Are you aware of the benefits of composite fillings? A composite filling is a cosmetic restoration treatment that is designed to repair cavities by filling them in with a durable material that can return the tooth to its normal function and shape. Once the decayed tooth material is removed and the area is cleaned, a composite can be placed. Through... read more »

Halitosis Treatment

Are you doing everything you can to keep your smile safe and clean? If you notice any changes in your oral health, there could be several risks present, including halitosis. If you are suffering from halitosis, also known as bad breath, it may be more than just simply foul odors emanating from your mouth. To dig deeper, speak with your... read more »

Oral Health Care Fundamentals: Tooth Hazards

Even though the holiday season comes once more and the opportunity for numerous health hazards are present for our teeth and gums, is important to remember that numerous other issues still exist in our daily lives. Beyond brushing and flossing, there are numerous tooth Hazard prevention techniques you should employ to ensure your smile has the best chance of success... read more »

How To Take Care of Your Teeth This Holiday Season

The holidays can get busy, and it’s easy to let the little things slide. Don’t let your dental routine be one of them! With all the treats, parties, and photos of the holiday season, it is more important than ever to keep your smile bright. Remember that, though there is room in your holiday diet for treats, all sticky, sugary,... read more »

All You Need to Know About Your Adult Teeth

Adult teeth are strong oral bones that help you each day. In fact, they make it possible to talk, eat, and smile. To teach you a little more about your adult teeth, which are also known as permanent teeth, Dr. H Arthur Nelson and our dental team are happy to share some facts with you. It is typical to have... read more »

Prepare Your Smile for Fall by Doing These Things

Fall is quickly approaching, which means you’re probably starting to prepare for the first day of school or even the upcoming holidays. As you make your “To-Do” list, don’t forget to include your smile. There are things you should do to prepare your smile for fall so you can have strong and healthy teeth and gums. Dr. H Arthur Nelson... read more »