All You Need to Know About Your Adult Teeth

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Adult teeth are strong oral bones that help you each day. In fact, they make it possible to talk, eat, and smile. To teach you a little more about your adult teeth, which are also known as permanent teeth, Dr. H Arthur Nelson and our dental team are happy to share some facts with you.

It is typical to have 32 permanent teeth in the mouth. These teeth are molars, bicuspids, cuspids, and incisors. You usually have 12 molars (first, second, and third), eight bicuspids (first and second), four cuspids (canine teeth), and eight incisors (lateral and central).

There are many things your teeth are used for, including biting, grinding, and crushing. They are also used for tearing, but this is not recommended because it’s damaging to use the teeth as tools. The central and lateral incisors are used to bite and cut while premolars and molars are used to chew and grind.

Each tooth has three parts: the crown, neck, and root. The crown is the visible section of the tooth and it is protected by enamel. The neck is the section of the tooth between the crown and the root. The root is the section of the tooth that extends through the gums and into the socket of the jawbone.

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