Our McKinney dentist, Dr. H Arthur Nelson, provides denture repairs to extend the life of your appliance and keep your dentures functional. Dentures make it possible for you to continue enjoying your favorite foods, speaking, and smiling with confidence, and they can generally improve the quality of your life. When dentures break, however, it is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and embarrassing.

At Nelson and Associates McKinney, we understand how important your dentures are in your day-to-day life. We provide prompt, high-quality denture repairs to get your denture back into working condition as soon as possible.

Dentures repairs may include a number of different services, including:

  • Denture Reline – resurfacing the side of your denture in contact with the soft tissues of your mouth. This will make your denture fit more securely.
  • Denture Rebasing – remaking and replacing the acrylic of your denture (the part the holds your teeth in place)
  • Adjustments – simple repairs to eliminate and prevent sore spots, relieve your discomfort, and improve the overall fit of your denture.

You do not need to endure poor-fitting or broken dentures. We are here to help you smile with confidence and improve your quality of life. Please call our office at 972-529-5111 to learn more about denture repair in McKinney, Texas, and to schedule your consultation at no charge with our caring dentist.