Think Twice About Getting an Oral Piercing

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Over the years, oral piercings have become a fashion statement for many people. It may be hip, it may be hot and it may be cool, but is it safe?

Before you make an appointment to get your new tongue stud and pick out a stud or barbell in your favorite color, you should sit down with our dentist, Dr. H Arthur Nelson so you fully understand not only the risks involved but also the extra steps you will need to take to make sure that your piercing is clean.

If proper sterilization and piercing procedures are not followed, you run the risk of an infection in your tongue, nerve damage, and serious bleeding. It is easy to rupture a blood vessel in the piercing process, which will result in a trip to the emergency room. Your tongue may also swell, making it difficult for you to eat, speak, or even breathe. You also run the risk of contracting several different types of hepatitis.
A metal or even plastic stud or barbell will repeatedly strike your teeth. This can cause your teeth to chip and create gaps.

If you are considering an oral piercing in McKinney, Texas, make sure that you know all the facts first. If you want to learn more about oral piercings, and how to properly care for them, call 972-529-5111 to make an appointment at Nelson and Associates McKinney.