Dental Veneers and Porcelain Dental Crowns Can Enhance Your Smile’s Appearance

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When the teeth in your smile are affected by cosmetic and physical imperfections it can leave you feeling socially awkward about your appearance. Rather than guard some of your facial expressions, you should consider scheduling a cosmetic dental consultation with a dentist like Dr. H Arthur Nelson

During this single outpatient appointment he can assess the nature and severity of each defect. In many of these cases he might recommend a possible combination of dental veneers and porcelain dental crowns.

If a tooth has been compromised by a dental fracture, old filling, or a new cavity, Dr. H Arthur Nelson might recommend restoring it with a porcelain dental crown.

Dr. H Arthur Nelson will then create an impression of each tooth in your smile and prepare any teeth that need a dental crown. This information will then be sent to a dental lab where the corresponding dental work will be created.

One of Dr. H Arthur Nelson’s staff will call you to schedule a second appointment when your dental veneers are ready. Dr. H Arthur Nelson will then install the appropriate dental veneers or dental crowns into your mouth.

If you live in the McKinney, Texas, area and you would like to improve the appearance of your smile, you should call 972-529-5111 to schedule a consultation at Nelson and Associates McKinney.