Beware of Dental Plaque

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The phrase “combat plaque” is frequently heard and seen on ads for dental products like toothpaste promoting the efficacy of the product. But what is plaque and what is the significance of removing it from your smile? We offer further information on the nature of dental plaque and how it affects your smile so that you can actively protect your teeth.

What is dental plaque?
Plaque is a buildup on your teeth from food and drink that appears as a filmy substance rich in bacteria on the surface of your teeth. Each time you eat or drink, even when the food is healthy, it contributes to a buildup of plaque on your teeth that stays until it is cleaned away. It’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day to keep your teeth clear of plaque.

How does plaque affect your oral health?
Plaque provides a long-term exposure of bacteria to your teeth that, if left alone for an extended period of time, can turn into a hardened substance called tartar. Only a professional dental cleaning can remove tartar from your smile, and it can contribute to gingivitis and advanced gum disease if not addressed by a dental team.

We encourage you to regularly clean your teeth every day to reduce your risk of gingivitis and dental health problems such as cavities to keep your smile in good shape. Contact Nelson and Associates McKinney at 972-529-5111 today if you would like to speak with our dentists, Drs. Nelson and Roberts, about the dangers of dental plaque in McKinney, Texas.